There is a great story behind our cotton bags

Companies are increasingly purchasing sustainable eco-friendly promotional gifts, including eco-cotton bags. MultiGift goes one step further and combines Fairtrade with sustainable eco-cotton.

After some travels through India, we found the perfect partner and together we developed Fairtrade bags made from sustainable eco-cotton. As well as Fairtrade, our partner is completely certified by large international quality marks, such as BSCI, Sedex, Oeko-Tex and ISO, safeguarding the working conditions of the employees and the quality of the products. This factory even received a unique award from the United Nations (UN Global Compact) in 2018, for its business ethics. What’s more, we were able to see for ourselves that this factory is a very responsible choice.

In order to be allowed to import and sell Fairtrade products, the entire chain from producer to seller must be Fairtrade certified. It means that there is information on who trades in Fairtrade cotton so that standards can be safeguarded. We are proud to announce that MultiGift is the first promotional gift company in the Netherlands to be Fairtrade certified. In addition, MultiGift is also the proud partner of Max Havelaar, the Fairtrade quality mark in the Netherlands.

MultiGift is supplying cotton bags from stock that all bear the Fairtrade quality mark. But that’s not all. The bags are also GOTS certified. GOTS is the acronym for Global Organic Textile Standard and is also referred to as eco-cotton or organic cotton. Our Fairtrade, organic cotton bags are completely sustainable, green and honest.

Our Fairtrade bags have a small label showing the Fairtrade and GOTS logos. As a result, it is immediately clear that this is a Fairtrade bag made from sustainable eco-cotton. This label effortlessly lends extra attention value to your message.

We can print your logo and text onto the Fairtrade cotton bags, just as we do on all other cotton bags. All Fairtrade and GOTS certified bags are printed using special organic inks as standard.

Organic cotton Fairtrade bags are (slightly) more expensive than the same bags made from normal cotton. This is not something we can change. However, the story behind Fairtrade bags more than compensates for this. A Fairtrade bag allows you to make a clear statement. Organic cotton Fairtrade bags are guaranteed to attract positive attention and extra appreciation for your brand, company or organization.

Do you require organic cotton Fairtrade bags in custom sizes? This is also possible. If you take into account a minimum order volume and a longer delivery time, the design color and label of all cotton bags can be completely customized to your requirements. We can even arrange a visit to the factory in India if the order volume and/or continuity warrant it. Interested? Special requirements? Send an e-mail to

More honest, sustainable and green is impossible!


Our Fairtrade eco-cotton bags comply with the following quality standards

MultiGift is Fairtrade partner of Max Havelaar    GOTS Eco cotton Global Organic Textile Standard   Oeko-Tex certified   BCSI compliant   Sedex certified   ISO certified


Fairtrade means that everyone along the production chain receives an honest price. From the laborers at the cotton farms to the workers in the factory making the cotton bags. Everyone involved in the entire production chain is guaranteed a decent income from Fairtrade certified products.


GOTS stands for Global Organic Textile Standard. GOTS is the global standard for organically grown cotton. Normal cotton is a heavy burden on the environment due to the use of (many) chemicals during production. Organic GOTS certified cotton is produced environmentally friendly and without chemicals. Each batch of organic eco-cotton used to make our Fairtrade cotton bags is given a unique number that is printed on the bag’s label. This unique number guarantees that the bag was made of environmentally friendly cotton.


Oeko-tex (Ökotex) standard 100 is a global quality standard that complies with REACH and guarantees that no substances were used that are harmful to health. Our Fairtrade cotton bags are produced in accordance with the Oeko-tex standards and do not contain harmful substances.


The acronym BSCI stands for Business Social Compliance Initiative, its objective being the improvement of working conditions and business ethics at companies. The code of conduct is based on international treaties for the protection of workers’ rights. BSCI is not a certification, but a common platform for the encouragement of compliance with codes of conduct.


Sedex certification safeguards good working conditions at the producer’s site, such as measures to promote the health and safety of employees as they carry out their work. Sedex also ensures that the topics of environment and business ethics are permanently on the producer’s agenda.


Efficiency and transparency in business processes safeguard the quality of the end product. ISO is an international uniform standard aimed at improving the quality of products, processes and management systems. ISO can be divided into three simplified criteria:

  1. Say what you will do.
  2. Do what you say.
  3. Prove it.

Fairtrade eco cotton bags